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Dear freinds,
A little while ago I needed to suggest few cooktops for a family friend of mine. I did some browsing and looked for few prodcuts, did some identification based on cost... discount... reviews and ratings. So I felt that I should be shairng these few results with you all too. Below are some products which are most popular in Kitchen & Dining category....


Individual as well as sets of Products like Containers, Pans, and Casseroles. Users rated then with +4Stars. Click here for more Economical Range of Cookwares.

Cooktops (Gas Stoves)

As I ws surfing around these cooktops I found a handful of adorable and most popular range of modern Cooktops with +4Star user ratings. Here are few Top Rated Gas Stoves (cooktops) These 3 burner gas/png stoves flaunts latest glass-top, and that too in less than 3.5K..... 
If you are enthusiast who dares to try new products then here's another suggestion for you to check out this one of just Rs2,599/- (57% off). Click on image>
Gas Stove (Manual Ignition)

Max Reviewed Cooktops

Here are 4 cooktops which have been reviewd more than 1,000 times. I thought of including their information here but on the same time I don't want to keep outdated information here.

Here is a beautiful auto ignition gas stove.......

Do let me know about other better and interesting products you know about....
GS Virdi


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